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COTU Law Office, PLLC

Attorneys local to Hanover County, Virginia, with experience in large scale civil litigation and criminal defense as well as duties typical of small-town lawyers. Proven exceptional communication and research abilities, comfort and ease dealing with clients of varied backgrounds, and capable of tackling the most complex and technical matters. Eagerly seeking opportunities to focus our intense devotion to an organization that is committed to consistent success. Malleable enough to fit in to any sort of environment, but steadfast and unwavering in character, drive, and desire to win.

The founding member of COTU Law Office, PLLC, Jay Breneman, has been serving central Virginia in matters of Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation (including personal injury), small business and non-profit organization and government, and Family Law since 2011. Previously serving Ashland with the firm Breneman + Braggs, PC, the practice remains committed to serving the community to achieve justice and level the playing field in all matters for all people, regardless of background, social status, or connection. Our method of service is to stand in the gap for the “little guy”, to achieve the very best result possible, no matter the circumstances or how long the odds!

Though the name of the office has changed, what remains is the matter-of-fact, nose-to-the-grindstone work ethic that COTU Law Office, PLLC, applies to obtain the very best possible outcomes for their clients, most of whom are local, small business owners with families who share the same schools, churches, and neighborhoods we do.

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